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To show up as a teacher in this space is still very new to me.  Though I teach from my own embodied journey, I also recognize that some of my experiences and struggles will be shared and some will be unique to me.   Thus, if you’re feeling a draw to work with me, to get in early, you have the opportunity to be a part of shaping the direction my offerings take.  Though we often feel alone in our struggles, the truth is that many of them are universal human experiences.  As I get a sense of the themes that are coming up regularly in my work, I will be able to bring together valuable offerings to meet the collective needs of this community.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my story.  If you’d like to get involved you can do so today by joining my newsletter, by booking a 1:1 session, or by reaching out to let me know what about this work is speaking to you.

Video Library

In the spirit of taking imperfect heart-led action, this is a simple collection of pre-recorded videos. Each week, I add two new videos in which I’m currently exploring practices built around the 8-limbs of Yoga (April is an exploration of the Yama-s).

Eventually, I hope to expand this into a membership platform and include some live sessions as well as a community platform to cultivate connection.

For now, it’s an inexpensive way to get some relaxation, movement, exploration, and mindfulness into your life.

Community Gatherings

Humans are social creatures; we are biologically wired for connection. I believe there’s something truly magical that happens when we can come together to be seen and held within community. When we can share our story and see ourselves in someone else’s we can recognize that we’re not alone in our struggles, which can be deeply healing.

Thus, bringing together communities of women to bear witness to our shared struggles and to explore practices to support ourselves and each other in coming to know, trust and express ourselves is an offering to come.

I envision this happening possibly as embodiment circles, workshops, or even embodied book clubs. If this is a way you see yourself working with me, I invite you to sign up to my email list for updates to come very soon.

1-on-1 Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a practice built on the foundation that anything we experience occurs to our integrated being in the container of body, mind, spirit, and social relationships. With this in mind, one-on-one sessions will include some combination of conversation, embodied practice, and meditation, all held within the space of presence and connection.

Our individual life histories, as well as our culture and our lineage shape our body; our body holds our biography. And, because we live in a highly cognitive world, it often helps to understand something intellectually before discovering it in our bodies. Additionally, to integrate what we discover about ourselves into our lives takes mindful intention and practice. Thus, these sessions will equip you with the knowledge you need as well as small mindfulness practices to support you in integrating these changes into your everyday life so that you can begin to see real change.