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The world is in need of more compassion, kindness, understanding, and love! 

When we begin coming home to ourselves, this is exactly how we’re able to show up for ourselves, for our people, and for the world.  

Whether you’re just starting out on your path to self-discovery or looking for the next right step, I hope you’ll find something here to help you along your way.

I'm Erin...

A human in the process of coming to know myself and show up wholeheartedly, a yoga teacher who’s passionate about supporting other humans (mostly women) in doing the same.

Freedom is a core value of what I do, both personally and in business.  My work with freedom centres around embodiment.  Embodiment is the practice of coming to know ourselves deeply, all of ourselves, even the parts we’d rather relegate to the shadows.  Through learning to see and hold all of ourselves with love and compassion, we are better able to let our authentic selves be seen by others.  In doing so, we foster greater capacity for love, belonging, joy, and intimacy (so really, all the things we desire most).

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My entry point into embodiment practice was through yoga and eventually Yoga Therapy.  My own embodiment practices have helped me find ever greater levels of freedom from anxiety, stress, overwhelm and are the very things I turn to when life inevitably drops one of those experiences in my lap.  In my work as a Yoga Therapist, I have witnessed the freedom embodiment can provide amid chronic pain or illness.  Though not a cure for pain or illness, embodiment practices can support you to thrive in rather than survive a life lived with these conditions.

I am an avid learner who is fascinated with our human experience.  I see this work as my way of
contributing to make the world a better place and am always looking for new and exciting ways to bring my unique blend of knowledge and skills to those who can benefit from it most.  If you can envision my work supporting you in any way, I do hope you’ll reach out with questions, reflections, or to book a complementary introductory session. 

work with me


Functional movement classes to help you to move with less pain, to live with more ease, and to age as gracefully as possible

$120 CAD

2 new classes added each week
Access until August 31, 2021


Embodied explorations of what gets in the way of joy, love, and belonging as well as the things we can do to move through to the other side.

Come Together in Sisterhood

We'll explore topics such as perfectionism, people pleasing, self-abandonment, worthiness in a community of women uplifiting and supporting each other.

1 ON 1

Living with chronic pain or chronic illness? Let's work together to find practices to allow you to thrive, not just survive within that reality.

Empowerment & Agency

Your experience of pain or illness is unique. Through conversation and exploration, we'll discover practices that allow you to take back some agency and support yourself in getting back to the joy of living.


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